'Sports Illustrated' New Cover Celebrating 'Sports United' Against Trump 1
On Tuesday, Sports Illustrated released its new cover: America’s top athletes lined up, arm in arm with top sports executives, to protest President Trump.

Sports Illustrated released its new cover on Tuesday: Some of America’s top athletes lined up, locking arms with top sports executives, to protest President Donald Trump.

You won’t find Colin Kaepernick here, of course – that would go against the Leftist media narrative that Trump’s comments had nothing to do with protesting the national anthem and flag, and were a sort of formless critique of the First Amendment generally (Trump’s comments were bad enough on the First Amendment without loading the case in ridiculous fashion).

Furthermore, the choice of athletes seems somewhat odd: there’s NFL CEO Roger Goodell standing alongside Steph Curry and LeBron James; Shad Khan, owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars; Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr; Candace Parker of the Los Angeles Sparks; Bruce Maxwell of the Oakland Athletics; Aaron Rodgers; Cameron Jordan of the New Orleans Saints; and Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks. Most of these people didn’t kneel for the anthem with Kaepernick. They simply expressed disdain with President Trump for his comments without condemning Kaepernick’s underlying behavior.

So if anyone had any doubt before, the sports world is now united against Trump, but unwilling to condemn kneeling for the national anthem.

If this is somehow supposed to represent a victory for the sports world, it isn’t – it’s another example of the polarization of culture.

Hollywood already created its own bubble, where people cheer each other for the bravery of ridiculing Trump supporters while handing themselves trophies. Now the sports world is lobbed into this same group.

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What this means is that sports will pay the same way Hollywood has for its overt and ridiculous biases. Americans don’t like being insulted for their politics. Especially be highly paid athletes and actors who couldn’t be more out of touch with everyday Americans. (Related: Celebrities react to NFL ‘take a knee’ national anthem controversy)

There are a lot of subscribers to Sports Illustrated; Some dropped their subscription to the magazine in 2015 after yet another story about Caitlyn Jenner, a figure who hadn’t been athletically important for decades. Millions of Americans feel the same way. If athletes unite politically – and if they’re perceived to do so not for some larger human rights, or political purpose, but merely to undermine Trump – that’s not going to play to their benefit.

President Trump knows that, which is why he picked this fight. (See: Trump Turning Into Master Politician — One Rally, One Tweet — Wins When The NFL Takes A Knee). But it’s also worth noting that the cultural left doesn’t even seem to understand its own vulnerability here. They’re acting as though Trump will lose support because Lebron James does not like him. That’s so absurd there isn’t even a word for it.

President Trump won because he fought what conservatives perceive to be a monolithic and dominant leftist entertainment-media culture. Making that culture more monolithic helps POTUS by lending credence to his complaints.

Keep it up. Please.

'Sports Illustrated' Launches Cover Celebrating 'Sports United' Against Trump
‘Sports Illustrated’ Launches Cover Celebrating ‘Sports United’ Against Trump
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