Identity Politics: Rise of Victimhood Culture -- NFL, Virtue Signaling, and The Elite -- Killing American Manhood 1

In the recent wake of UC Berkeley shutting down Free Speech Week and the weekend NFL player grand standing, identity politics and playing up victim-hood is out in full force.

Mike Rowe, former Dirty Jobs host, chimed in on recent controversy in an interview with his perspective of whats going on in regards of the NFL, and those players refusing to stand for the national anthem.

Rowe, in a long Facebook Post

“The fans of professional football are not powerless – we’re just not yet offended enough to turn the channel. Should that ever change in a meaningful way – if for instance, a percentage of football fans relative to those players who chose to kneel during today’s games, chose to watch something else next Sunday – I can assure you…the matter would be resolved by Monday.”

Hes right, we’re not powerless. How many of you actually shut off the TV because this got under your skin? On my own social media i noticed a fair amount of people stating they actually did. When the Pittsburgh Steelers didn’t show on the field for the national anthem i found something else to do besides watch the game.

As a Cowboys fan, i told myself if they kneel in the Monday nights game its over, i’m shutting it off as well. They threw a curve ball i wasn’t expecting. I wanted to believe my team was better then the rest and they wouldn’t stoop to the level that more then 200 athletes did over the weekend. What happens? They KNEEL before the national anthem and STOOD while it played.

I’m confused, how do i actually feel about this? If you listed or read any main stream media commentary about this past weekends events you would be lead to believe you should kneel DURING the national anthem simply because President Trump told you not to in a rally speech. That this was more about uniting against Trump instead of the actual metrics of police brutality or ethnic ‘fairness’.

Was it really possible that the Dallas Cowboys out smarted every millionaire player and owner from Saturday night who played the victim card by taking a knee to feign caring about oppression to just grand stand political identity politics?

It felt that they pulled it off. I wasn’t immediately pissed. They took their shot at a peaceful protest and fully honored our Nation and military by standing for the Nation Anthem. It felt sincere, regardless of what i think of the ’cause’.

The fans in the stadium still overwhelmingly boo’d the Cowboys actions before the anthem. At this point its beyond polarizing and not surprising how the attendees acted.

After the game, Garrett explained how the team arrived at the decision to kneel before the national anthem. He said that after two days of discussions, involving players, coaches, and ownership, they came to an agreement.

“How do we achieve these two objectives: how do we somehow, some way convene unity, some how, some way convene the importance of equality in our country, and do so without in any way involving the American flag and the national anthem. And that’s what we came up with,” Garrett said.

Jones added that he had never been prouder of the team.

“I can’t say enough about the understanding and the awareness of our team, and these young men that basically said, ‘you know, that makes sense.’ There’s no need for us to talk about unity and equality and have 60 percent of this country mad at you because you’re not perceived to be honoring the flag,” Jones said. “And this was a way to do both.”

Victim Culture Is Killing American Manhood

While I don’t mean to say that women haven’t traditionally gone through the process of becoming tougher — of building thicker skins and handling conflicts directly — developing toughness used to be a defining male characteristic. This isn’t to disparage women at all, this isn’t even a conversation about women. Its about men. We were to put aside the childish weakness and vulnerability of our early years and work out our conflicts man-to-man, the better to deploy them judiciously since we knew their price. The concept of appealing for help because one’s “feelings were hurt” was frankly bizarre.

Not only is this mindset destabilizing — there is high incentive for conflict, with little to no personal risk to balance the desire for vengeance — it’s unmanly. In victim culture, a person cultivates their sense of weakness and fragility, actively retarding the process of growing up. There is zero incentive to mature, because maturity can actually decrease your power and influence.

Raising boys to be whiny victims isn’t exactly new. During the 90’s I noticed that many of the boys raised by the liberal elite weren’t “men” in any sense I could recognize.

They were whiny, petulant, hypersensitive, and incapable of either physical self-defense or even the most rudimentary tasks of manual labor. I thought they were so self-evidently off-putting that their cultural influence would be limited. I was wrong.

I’d underestimated the allure of victim status — the ease with which one can achieve power and sympathy all at once. Victim status is so desirable that it’s constantly faked and exaggerated, and claims that one is not a victim are met with indignation. It’s almost amusing, for example, to see wealthy kids at America’s most elite colleges — among the most privileged children in world history — compete to claim the most horrifying story of upset and oppression.

The only response appropriate for this sorry state of affairs is to confront the crybabies until they put up/man up or shut up. No more yielding to the utter nonsense of social media shame campaigns, hand-wringing deans of students, or idiotic, politically correct corporate press releases. There are real victims out there, and real victims need actual men to stand in their defense.

Grow a pair America.

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