WATCH: Woman Who Abused Veteran Over Service Dog Blames RACISM
WATCH: Woman Who Abused Veteran Over Service Dog Blames RACISM

Ciara Miller, the woman who’s hate-filled verbal assault over the presence of a “nasty” veteran’s PTSD service dog at a restaurant went viral, now blames “racial slurs” for the reason she became so insane and says she stands by what she did.

Miller has now posted a video obtained by TMZ (below) in which she explains what she claims really happened leading up to the viral tirade.

According to Ciara Miller, before her recorded meltdown at Kathy’s Crab House in Delaware, a woman approached her while she was leaving and allegedly called her the n-word. Miller claims that other customers also joined in with “racial slurs.” She goes on to defend her response, saying she believes she handled the situation the best way she possibly could.

As Project Republic Previously Reported:

Holding the lead, the veteran stands near his dog, which appears to be a Great Dane mix with an official military coat wrapped around its body. The animals help victims of serious injury or accident feel safe during potentially difficult social situations.

When the screaming woman claims the veteran is not allowed to bring his dog inside, one waitress is heard shouting: “He’s allowed because he fought for our country.”

The aggressive diner then responds erratically, claiming her husband was also a serviceman who died abroad, and continued screaming: “It’s nasty to me, it’s f******* disgusting,” before calling various diners w***** and b*****.

Standing alongside a seemingly embarrassed male companion, the woman continues her tirade as the veteran tries to calm her down.

“There should be a separate section for the f****** animals,” the woman continues to rant.

Original video at end of post.

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Miller admitted to TMZ that she had been disgusted by the service dog and left the restaurant as a result of it, but she told the site that she has family members with PTSD and thus appreciates the need for service dogs.

Here’s her video explanation:

While Miller claims to have been triggered by “racial slurs,” she never once mentions anything about any racist and disgusting comment during her tirade. In fact, she even at one point during the “nasty” rant appears to have an exchange with the woman she claimed called her the n-word. The woman notes that she approached her politely; Miller never once says anything about a racial slur being leveled at her. Instead, she calls the woman a “whore” and “b*tch.”

TMZ makes the same note about Miller never referencing in any way racism during the 3-minute tirade:

In the vid — which went viral after Kathy’s owner posted it online — Ciara argues with several patrons about the service dog, but doesn’t seem to refer to any racist comments.

Here’s the original viral video (warning: language):

Honestly, there is zero excuse for this behavior. If you act like this in public, to a veteran — it really scares me how you would act in private.
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