Illegals Registered To Vote In Philadelphia And Cast Ballots

More voter fraud is turning up, it only seems we have to open up our eyes and actually look for it and its not hard to spot. Election officials in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania have discovered a system abuses that has allowed hundreds of illegal alien persons to cast ballots in recent elections.


“Commissioner Al Schmidt blamed that on what he said was a PennDot glitch that enabled legal permanent residents to register to vote at kiosks when they applied or renewed for driver’s licenses or registrations.

Only U.S. citizens are eligible to vote, but those in the country legally are able to obtain driver’s licenses in Pennsylvania.”

It was unclear how many noncitizens might have registered to vote at PennDot offices statewide, or how many of them had cast ballots. A Pennsylvania Department of State review is underway, but the department said late Wednesday it had records indicating 1,160 people statewide since 1972 had requested cancellation of their voter registrations because they were not citizens.

“President Trump has gone on record stating their has been systematic abuse in many areas when it comes to concerns of voter fraud. He has claimed millions of illegally cast ballets have been registered and counted. This is only the most recent case, and further proves the point that their is indeed a problem.

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Three hundred and seventeen voters have contacted the City Commissioners, which oversees elections in Philadelphia, since 2006 to have their registrations canceled because, while they were in the country legally, they were foreign citizens ineligible to vote.

Schmidt’s data date back to 2006 because that was when Pennsylvania started using the Statewide Uniform Registry of Electors, which provides reliable statistics about voters in the state.

Of the 317, Schmidt’s office has documented 220 — either through direct contact or via an attorney — who were registered to vote from 2006 to 2017. Forty-four of those people voted in one election while 46 voted in more than one election.”

The Washington Times pointed out that illegal voters have been in other states like Virginia and New Jersey:

In each of those states, the PILF [Public Interest Legal Foundation] obtained records of persons who’d had their voter registration canceled because they admitted to being noncitizens, and then matched them up against voting records.

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Logan Curchwell, a spokesman for the PILF, said the findings should spur changes to the 1993 National Voter Registration Act, commonly called Motor-Voter, which forced states to sign voters up while obtaining driver’s licenses.


“DMVs should never be in the business of offering voter registration to Green Card holders. The time is now to have a substantive discussion about rethinking Motor Voter,” Mr. Churchwell said.

He said it’s not just voter integrity that suffers. Those immigrants who later try to seek citizenship could have their applications delayed or even denied for voting illegally.

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It probably wont be too long before another example pops up, Judicial Watch has filed a number of suits in California for document releases to prove invalid ballots cast in this past Presidential race.

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