Watch: Bikers Show Up Bigly -- Defend Kid Rock Against Protesters

Ultra Liberal protesters came by drove to the Little Caesars Area in Detroit, where Kid Rock was on the books outside the arena for the Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Pistons.

Kid Rock was quick to point out that all his critics are just “Wasting Time.” He recently has had reactions from critics for his use of the Confederate flag, for ridiculing former NFL star Colin Kaepernick over kneeling during our national anthem, and his new bid into the political arena.

“Pay NO attention to the garbage the extreme left is trying to create! (and by the way, f–k the extreme left and the extreme right!),” the singer wrote on Facebook Monday. “They are trying to use the old confederate flag BS, etc. to stir the pot, when we all know none of this would be going on if I were not thinking of running for office.”

“To be clear – F–k ANYONE who takes a knee or sits during our national anthem! Pretty sure if Russell Wilson or Tom Brady were doing it they would have no problem finding a job playing for any team they wanted in the NFL! So cut the bulls**t,” the “All Summer Long” singer shared.

Check out some of the pictures and videos of the protest.

Let us know what you think of Kid Rock, could he go the distance and win?

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