Gay Couple Lawyers Up Against Christian Baker Over Refusal To Bake Cake, Then Trump Steps in

A cake shop owner and baker from Colorado, who also happens to be Christian, received an unanticipated blessing from the Trump administration last week when the Justice Department filed a brief on his behalf to the Supreme Court, which is slated to hear his religious liberty case upon returning to the bench next month.

For Jack Phillips, Masterpiece Cakeshop owner, the incident started five years ago when he politely said no to baking a wedding cake for a gay couple. His intention was to protect his religious beliefs, however, he wound up igniting a chain reaction of unjust backlash from those on the left.

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The backlash included death threats from angry LGBT activists, character assassinations from the leftist mainstream media, a judgment of illegal discrimination from a Colorado civil rights commission and an affirmation of the commission’s ruling by a lower court.

The tide finally started to turn in Phillips’ favor in late June when the Supreme Court agreed to hear his appeal and decide whether he actually discriminated against the gay couple when he refused to bake their cake over his religious objections.

And just on Thursday, he won yet another “yuge” victory when Trump’s DOJ filed an amicus brief defending his decision five years earlier to not bake the gay couple’s wedding cake.

In the brief, acting Solicitor General Jeffrey B. Wall specifically argued that allowing the lower court’s ruling against Phillips to stand would create a violation of the First Amendment “where public accommodations law compels someone to create expression for a particular person or entity and to participate, literally or figuratively, in a ceremony or other expressive event.”

“When Phillips designs and creates a custom wedding cake for a specific couple and a specific wedding, he plays an active role in enabling that ritual, and he associates himself with the celebratory message conveyed,” he added. “Forcing Phillips to create expression for and participate in a ceremony that violates his sincerely held religious beliefs invades his First Amendment rights.”

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This is most excellent. Very very excellent, in fact.

Also, according to The Washington Times, the Department of Justice’s surprising decision to file a brief in Phillips’ case “raises the possibility that the government will also ask for time to argue in front of the justices when the case goes for oral argument.”

That would be even better.

During the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, a guy who loved sitting idly by as Christians were persecuted, the DOJ said nothing about Phillips, instead choosing to allow him to suffer the indignity of being persecuted for his Christian beliefs.

Now, if this was reversed, and it was say Muslims? Under Obama? Could you imagine the outrage?

But with President Donald Trump in the White House, it appears those days are finally behind us. Thank God for that.

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