At 12-years-old, Australian schoolboy Patrick Mitchell thought that he would be more comfortable being a girl. He changed his mind just two years later. Asking the questions, are children young enough to handle transgender issues?

In an interview and on the eve of his surgery to have his breasts removed, he told Woman’s Day he has no regrets.

Looking at Patrick Mitchell now, you’d have no idea what an emotional rollercoaster he has been on since he made the decision to transition into a girl at 12 years old.

Now, just two years later, the high school student is about to have an operation to remove excess breast tissue in what will be the final stage of his extraordinary transition – back to being a boy.

The child begged his mother constantly to let him begin taking estrogen hormones after doctors diagnosed him with ‘gender dysphoria’ the condition which leads people to believe they were born as the wrong gender. (Related: UK’s youngest transgender person is undergoing surgery to switch their gender for the THIRD TIME)

“You wish you could just change everything about you, you just see any girl and you say I’d kill to be like that,” Mitchell explained on 60 Minutes.

“When everyone went to sleep I’d stay up late researching trans people and potential surgeries that I could have to make me look more feminine,” he told Now To Love. “It was so hard to wake up every morning and see something new on my body, or that I’d grown. It was so depressing – I hated looking in the mirror. I didn’t know who the person staring back at me was.”

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Mitchell’s mother took the advice of a professional, who claimed it was the right choice for her son to take estrogen and became fully supportive of her child’s transition.

Mitchell grew out his hair and started to take the hormones, which resulted in him growing breasts. However, two years later, Mitchell became unsure whether he was making the right decision, and changed his mind.

“I began to realize I was actually comfortable in my body. Every day I just felt better,” he told Now To Love. “I was experiencing discomfort in my gender but that’s no longer the case.”

“It was the first time I’d heard the phrase ‘trans’, and because I’d always identified with girls I thought, well, this makes sense, I probably am a girl,” he explains. “I was always more feminine and liked baking, gymnastics, and fashion – my superhero name was Organza Man.” (Related: FURIOUS parents confront school district after ‘transgender reveal’ leaves students confused about who they are (Video))

Mitchell explained that he was not worried about telling his mother he had made a mistake and wanted to stay as a male.

“I wasn’t nervous to tell Mum of my decision – she’d been so open and supportive of me in my transition,” he said.

An Australian schoolboy who decided to transition into a female has changed his mind two years later.

“I felt my heart sing in that exchange,” the boy’s mother explained. “That moment between parent and child when you know it’s taken every drop of courage for that child to speak up… I didn’t know what the coming days would bring, but I knew his thoughts had caught up with his body.” (Related: Children of LGBT Parents Have Grown Up, Now They’re Spilling the Sick Reality of it all)

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While gender dysphoria is rare, the number of people being diagnosed with the condition is increasing, due to growing public awareness.

A survey of 10,000 people undertaken in 2012 by the Equality and Human Rights Commission found that 1% of the population surveyed was gender variant, to some extent.

If you think you or your child may have gender dysphoria, the NHS suggests seeing your GP who, if necessary, can then refer you to a specialist Gender Identity Clinic (GIC).

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