Popular Liberal Becomes Mayor in Michigan Town, Immediately Impeached After First Act

Well at least they got a new vetting program out of this one. There’s a town in Michigan called Hell. As a way to draw people to Hell, the town allows individuals to become “mayor for a day.” Meet Elijah Daniel.

A gay porn writer and YouTube ‘comedian’ named Elijah Daniel decided to pay the fee to become mayor but was instantly impeached after his first act in office.

It’s about as discriminatory as it gets. And a perfect example of the leftist lunacy mentality.

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The stunning series of events that played out after one town recently allowed a liberal activist to become its mayor for a day just goes to prove that people always get the government they deserve.

The fiasco began when YouTube comedian, gay porn writer and liberal dingbat Elijah Daniel paid a $100 fee last Wednesday to serve as the official mayor of Hell, Michigan, according to MLive.com.

And yes, believe it or not, the unincorporated area actually allows tourists to serve as “mayor for the day” for a day as part of a local “attraction.” (When your town’s called “Hell,” apparently you do what you can.)

After what Daniel just pulled off, however, the town might want to reconsider this whole idea.

As part of his first (and last) day on the job, Daniel issued a patently absurd statement via Twitter banning heterosexual men and women from entering the city and imposing fines on those already present. (Read also: Hillary Clinton Binged on Junk food, Xanax, and Alcohol to Cope With Embarrassing Election Defeat)

H/T YoungConservatives

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