Police Officer Buried 8th Fellow Officer --- Writes Letter to Antifa, BLM That Every American Should Read
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In a very emotional letter that submitted this week to “Those Who Serve,” a blog for the law enforcement community throughout California, an anonymous deputy poured his heart out, detailing the excruciating rage and frustration he feels over continually losing his coworkers.

And though his letter was directed at the world, the anti-police activists within Antifa and Black Lives Matter should specifically take notice.

“Today, a man I have known for 22 years, a man with whom I attended the academy, a man who was a father, a grandfather, a slightly goofy, cowboy boot wearing, chew spitting, lifted truck driving, well intentioned country bumpkin was murdered while doing his job, because he was doing his job,” the deputy wrote.

He wasn’t the first, and sadly won’t be the last. A stunning 86 police officers had already been killed this year in the line of duty by the start of September, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page. (Related: WATCH: Antifa Berkeley Protest Chant: “No Trump, No Wall, No USA at All!”)

“This job is a destroyer,” the deputy continued. “It directly takes the lives of an average of 150 people every year, and those are just the people who die on the job. That does not account for those who leave the job because they are broken, either physically or mentally. That also does not include the 300 cops who take their own lives every single year.”

However, does the world care? It seems not, the deputy wrote, citing the anti-cop sentiment that’s been brewing in America for the past few years.

“There are organizations dedicated specifically to hating us,” he wrote. “There are lawyers whose careers are spent suing us. We are called racists, no matter what race we are. We are called pigs, because we dare enforce laws enacted by the very people elected by those calling us pigs.” (Related: Man Yelled “Black Lives Matter!” While Attacking Police Officer at Traffic Stop)

It was reported earlier in the week by The Daily Caller that a faction of Antifa in Philadelphia has begun holding “Our Enemies in Blue” workshops that reportedly call for violence against the police.

The United State’s men and women in blue are treated like poorly every single day by the thugs in Antifa, the misfits in BLM and oftentimes the scum in the mainstream media as well, leaving the deputy wondering if the job’s even worth it anymore.

“This society as a whole takes us cops for granted,” he wrote. “While a news story about a murdered cop gets headlines, to most who see that headline, the thought of the cop’s loss vaporizes as they turn the page or click the next link. While my coworkers and I will never forget his name, most of the society he protected daily has already forgotten it.”

“This sh** is beyond old,” he concluded. “I’m sick and f***ing tired of burying coworkers.”

We the American people, the silent majority, the deplorables who support law enforcement and believe Blue Lives Matter grieve with you, sir, and just want to make sure you know that we love you. We love all of you. And though the world sometimes mistreats you, we’ll have your back. (Related: A History of Antifa and Alt-Left Violence: January – August 2017 (Videos and Pictures))

Here is a very emotional and strong tribute video to Blue Lives Matter that everyone needs to watch:

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