Children of LGBT Parents Have Grown Up, Now They’re Spilling the Sick Reality of it all 3

When gay and lesbian’s first starting having children through adoption or sperm donors, one giant unknown questions was asked, how would it affect the child as they matured?

Now, one woman in particular is speaking out about her experience growing up with two moms, and her testimony might just shock you.

Millie Fontana, a 24-year-old woman from Australia, shared her story with hundreds of listeners at the Australian Christian Lobby in 2015. Her 13-minute speech (Full video below) shared the other side of being a “donor-conceived child,” and it is truly devastating. (Related: Hillary Clinton Binged on Junk food, Xanax, and Alcohol to Cope With Embarrassing Election Defeat)

“I knew that I loved both of my parents but I could not place my finger on what it is I was missing inside myself,” Fontana said, admitting that she knew she wanted a father even though she could not articulate it, and even lacked a true sense of what a father was.

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“When I hit school, I started to realize through observing other children and their loving bonds with their fathers that I really was missing out on something special.”

When Fontana became bold enough, she started to question her mothers on her father’s whereabouts. That is when the lies began.

“I was lied to throughout school, I was told that I didn’t have a father or that perhaps they didn’t know who he was,” she stated.

Fontana said the ideology that her mothers pushed on her was unfair: To force the child into accepting something that was not entirely true, because they made the choice of using a donor.

“When they chose what parts of my identity were acceptable to reveal to me, they took something from me and where other children were able to look in the mirror and reconcile those missing parts and say, ‘I love my mothers or my fathers,’ I could not because in my eyes, who were my parents to decide what parts of me were acceptable to reveal to me?”

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Fontana admitted what those on the left will ultimately bring up, that her story is not one that is heard of often, “because nobody wants to hear about the other side of the rainbow. The side that is not catered for, that don’t grow up happy and grow up with a dissenting idea of what a family structure should be.”

After finally meeting her father at age 11, Fontan was finally able to fill a void she had felt from birth. Fontana’s story is only one of many that will certainly come to light. As she explained so powerfully, human nature can’t be denied by political correctness.

“We (children of same-sex ­couples) want our mothers and ­fathers,” she said. “I don’t understand why ­society is so fiercely rejecting such a natural concept that is acceptable in every other family structure.”

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This is the reality, and it’s time someone takes a real hard long look at what the LGBTQ community should be doing when it comes to raising children. This isn’t a knock at gays, I am going to take a piece from General Mad Dog Mattis, I don’t care who you go to bed with, just quit shoving it down my throat, and children’s throats every chance you get.

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Watch Millie Fontana’s full speech on her experience with LGBT parents in the video below.

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