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Jim Acosta of CNN Attacks President Trump After Upbeat Speech To Texans

Jim Acosta of CNN Attacks President Trump After Upbeat Speech To Texans 3

There once was a time when the media didn’t have an agenda and constantly giver their opinions. There once was a time when journalists reported on facts and not emotions.

But that type of journalism and reporting appears to be in the long gone. Today “journalists” weigh in with their opinion on literally everything from President Trump’s hand size to first lady Melania Trump’s choice of footwear.

And one of the media’s worst offenders is CNN’s Jim Acosta, who serves as CNN’s White House Correspondent. He just can’t help himself when it comes to President Trump — he really hates the guy and everything he does and stands for. (Related: Ivanka Sends Prayers to Harvey Victims In Stirring Tweet Leftists Respond in DISGUSTING Way)

Take yesterday, Tuesday, for example. President Trump flew into Texas, making several stops in Corpus Christi and Austin to be briefed on Hurricane Harvey recovery by government officials. On the president’s first stop, Trump offered some very inspirational words for Texans battling the devastating storm, Texans who have lost everything.

The crowd of battered Texans there cheered throughout the president’s impromptu speech — they roared when President Trump held a flag of Texas. At one point, the president acknowledged them, saying “What a crowd, what a turnout.”

That set off Jim Acosta, who said on Twitter:

Others on Twitter let Acosta have it.

What was missing in the mainstream media’s coverage were facts, like the huge turnouts that lined the streets all along President Trump’s motorcade route.

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And the Right Side Broadcasting Network posted a video of crowds going wild for President /Trump.

Again, you won’t see that anywhere form the media elite — or Jim Acosta’s Twitter feed.

UPDATE: Jim Acosta actually doubled down on his attacks on Wednesday, tweeting this out:

These types of attacks on the President are an attack on the suffering Texans who have lost everything. This is a perfect example of why the mainstream media is going to lose out to the ‘new media.’ Social media, smaller organizations and individuals who report on facts, and cut through the partisan pandering to report on what is actually happening.

Please continue to keep Texas in your thoughts and prayers, and help anyway you can. (Related: Help Texas and Houston Area Recover From Hurricane Harvey — Here is How)

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