Hysteria Hits Harvey Flood --- Women's March Advocates 'Race-Based' Rescues --- Leaves Out White People
Women’s March protesters in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 21, 2017.

The Women’s March organization is encouraging American’s to donate to charities and groups that specifically help non-white’s after the devastating Hurricane Harvey.

In a tweet sent out on Tuesday, Women’s March said, “here’s a list of organizations working to keep immigrant, Black, Latinx, & other communities safe after Hurricane Harvey.”

This coming after one of the most devastating storms ever to hit the United States has destroyed lives.

Twitter users immediately ridiculed the organization for not focusing their crisis donation efforts on all Americans rather than just select groups. This is appallingly racist.


Explained Twitchy: “Unity is clearly Kryptonite for the Women’s March. We’ve watched Texans of all colors, sexes, creeds and abilities help, support and even rescue one another for the past several days, none of them concerned about the difference they may see in one another. So why in the Hell would Women’s March think this is in anyway appropriate?”


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The response on Twitter was short and negative. And rightly so. Why is it the only people constantly talking about race are generally on the left? If you want to stop racism quit constantly talking about racism.

“Does that mean they are not helping caucasians? How is this not reverse racism,” tweeted Kathryn Kelly.

TonyTonyPeppe raised the a similarly worded question, citing not just the Women’s March but other diatribes online such as Christy Cree’s: “Where did that Hurricane hit? Mostly whitefolks, yeah? Loads of white people?? Good.”

“BiteSized_Ty” said: “God please let that hurricane cleanse Texas of those racist a** white people. Amen.”

“Liberals can’t put their hate away for a little while and just be kind humans. Some very sick minded people in America. Scary,” wrote “Luv My President!!”

Jessica Dunlop added the kicker: “Imagine this the other way around! Here’s a list of orgs to keep white people safe after Hurricane Harvey … *** is wrong wit y’all.”

“Gotta keep that hateful narrative going, don’t you Women’s March. … Otherwise everyone would figure out their whole schtick is pointless,” said Twitchy.

Responding on the comment, “What the literal HELL is wrong with us? We start picking and choosing what ethnic groups we’re going to help in a time of crisis?” from Victor Hayman II, Twitchy said, “Nope. Well the Women’s March did but not sane, rational, everyday Americans.”

Donna Ahart added, “Always the divider never the uniter,” and Twitchy said, “That may actually be their new tagline.”

As a continuing theme from every article Project Republic writes related to Hurricane Harvey, we ask anyone who can help to help. And help ALL Americans that are in need regardless of race, religion, creed or gender.

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