Sebastian Gorka 'Resigns'/'Fired' From White House. His Resignation Letter Is BLUNT. He Pulled ZERO Punches. Makes Breitbart Return

Sebastian Gorka didn’t leave the White House without being incredibly blunt in his resignation letter. Now the White House sees a new series of leaks, this one showing emails ‘banning’ Gorka from entering the White House.

Images of the White House emails were posted to Twitter by Joyce Karam.

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The emails banning Sebastian Gorka from the White House are time-stamped 6:45 p.m. and 7:14 p.m. News of Gorka’s resignation was first reported by the Federalist around 8 p.m EDT.

Later reports stated Sebastian Gorka was forced out. There are varying reports, I guess the only thing that matters is he does not work in the White House anymore.

Gorka was a constant target of hit pieces and leaks during his brief tenure at the Trump White House. His departure does not appear to have been enough for his enemies for them to stop leaking to try to harm Gorka.

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