Maxine Waters Suggests POTUS Pardoned Sheriff Arpaio Because Trump Part of KKK

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) suggested that President Trump pardoned former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Friday because Trump is a part of the KKK.  ‘Yawn’.

“I’m not surprised Trump pardoned racial profiler Arpaio,” she tweeted. “White Nationalists, KKK, & Duke celebrated Trump’s election b/c he is one of them!” (Related: Maxine Waters on The View: ‘When We Finish With Trump, We Have to Go and Get’ Pence (Video))

After Charlottesville, Waters called the White House the “white supremacists’ house.”

She has also been leading the charge to impeach Trump, saying that she is “not running for anything except the impeachment of Trump,” revealing she and other Democrats are “organizing” to bring Trump down, and leading crowds in “impeach 45” chants. (Related: Rep. Maxine Waters’ latest unhinged rant targets Trump, Putin: ‘We’re getting played by our president’)

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