FBI Director Comey Testified Before Senate, Here are the Highlights
on Clinton email investigation by Stephen LoiaconiThursday, July 7th 2016 FBI Director James Comey testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, July 7, 2016, before the House Oversight Committee to explain his agency's recommendation to not prosecute Hillary Clinton, now the Democratic presidential candidate, over her private email setup during her time as secretary of state. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Former FBI director and leaker extraordinaire James Comey is now officially off the job market.

The disgraced national security official, who was fired from his job by President Trump just a few short  months ago, is headed to Howard University, where he’ll serve as a “guest lecturer” in the school’s political science department and serve as the “2017-2018 Gwendolyn S. and Colbert I. King Endowed Chair in Public Policy.” (Related: This is why ‘unhinged’ Trump is unfit for office, according to former DNI Clapper and liberals)

Comey will also have the honor of officially opening Howard U’s school year as the keynote speaker for the school’s convocation ceremony in September.

University President Wayne A.I. Frederick released a statement claiming that Jim Comey was an important new hire for Howard U because of his expertise in the twin fields of national security and public policy. “His expertise and understanding of the challenges we continue to face today will go a long way in sparking rich discussion and advancing meaningful debates across campus,” Frederick wrote. (Related: Russian President Putin jokes about offering political asylum to James Comey)

That may not be the only benefit to hiring Comey, however. Students at the historically black college have been critical of President Frederick for getting “too cozy” with the Donald Trump.

CNN: Comey to testify Trump pressured him to end Russia probe during upcoming Senate Panel

Last spring, Frederick attended a meeting at the White House to support an administration initiative that would provide more promotion and marketing for historically black colleges and universities. When he returned to campus, Frederick was met with protests, a new organization promiting “active resistance” to the Trump agenda, and worst, a campaign of graffiti vandalismaccusing Frederick of “not caring about black people” and of joining the “Trump Plantation.” (Related: Secret Service: Not Trump’s Fault On Running Out Of Money – Face “Many Problems”)

By hiring Comey, who was booted from the Trump administration after revealing that he’d been investigating key members of the Trump 2016 Presidential campaign for alleged ties to Russia, it’s at least proof positive to Howard students that the University is resisting Trump’s spell (though it does appear they’ve conveniently forgotten that before he insulted Trump, Comey was Democrat Public Enemy #1 for his role in Hillary Clinton’s ongoing email scandal).

For Comey, the job marks a move from political life into that of academic royalty, where he can begin to re-brand and earn the accolades that come from openly “resisting” Donald Trump. It’s also a chance to earn a handsome paycheck, though he’s donated the six-figure salary he’ll pull from Howard back to the University’s scholarship program. He doesn’t need it right now, after all —he’s also just signed a lucrative book deal. (Related: Mueller and Comey alliance to ‘collude’ against Trump by acting as co-special counsel?)

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