ACLU Apologizes for ‘White Supremacy’ after Tweeting White Kid Holding U.S. Flag

ACLU Apologizes for ‘White Supremacy’ after Tweeting Pic of Toddler Holding U.S. Flag

 The American Civil Liberties Union’s Twitter account triggered its followers Wednesday by tweeting a picture of a child with an American flag. 

The tweet, which was merely a promotion of their children’s clothing line, was somehow seen as evidence of ‘white supremacy’ by the account’s followers.

Shortly after the original tweet, the ACLU clarified its stance on the ‘issue’ brought up by people who commented and admitting “white supremacy is everywhere.” (Related: CNN Panel Of Trump Supporters Unbothered By Charlottesville Comments [VIDEO])

Most of the outrage seems to stem from when the ACLU represented “Unite The Right,” organizer Jason Kessler against the City of Charlottesville in securing permits to assemble downtown and hold the rally.

The Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe blamed ACLU for the violence in Charlottesville, where the “Unite The Right” rally was held.

“We asked – the city of Charlottesville asked for that to be moved out of downtown Charlottesville to a park about a mile and a half away – a lot of open fields. That was the place that it should’ve been. We were, unfortunately, sued by the ACLU. And the judge ruled against us,” McAuliffe told NPR. (Related: WATCH: Video Shows Violence From Antifa In Charlottesville, MSM Silent)

A “lawsuit challenging the city to act constitutionally did not cause violence,” the ACLU responded in a statement while adding the ACLU does “not support Nazis.”

Many people came to the defense of the ACLU’s tweet, suggesting the real racists were those that saw color instead of a child.

When you think about it…This proves two things. Liberals are the true racists as they instantly saw skin color when it was posted. Second, it proves that white babies trigger snowflakes. Start breeding white people! (Related: Denmark: ‘hug a terrorist’ program will reform terrorists)

Liberalism is a mental condition proof #1252621521241 🙂

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