Read, Learn And Prepare For Whats Coming Because This Isn't About Race

Trevor Loudon wrote a brilliant short piece about the real intentions behind the left’s actions in the past week. Read, learn and prepare for what is coming.  Share with your liberal friends who refuse to look beyond the headlines and take everything at face value, like good little sheep.  Take a moment and read the following and let it sink in.

Remember, this is not about race. This is about creating chaos. This is about using divisive “issues” (basically, badly constructed straw men) to drive wedges between artificially identified “segments” of society.

Divide and conquer. It’s about the revolution. Can’t bring about the revolution while people still have a cohesive society. Must have chaos to bring it down.

Then the “revolution” can install whatever totalitarian regime they have in mind.

If you zero in on this “race” thing, you’ve already been had.

Keep your eyes clear. Realize that all the sound and fury you’re hearing and seeing is cover for the rending of society.

Reject them. The merchants of chaos haven’t had a new idea in a hundred years. They’re gonna call you names. It doesn’t matter. Give them nothing to hold onto. Oh, and discover their crimes. There are always crimes. Shine bright lights on their crimes.

They believe their “time has come.” I believe they’re two generations too early.


Don’t let them change your hearts and mind and always stand fast!  Please Share this with all your friends!

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