CNN Changes Headline After Claiming that Antifa Seeks 'Peace Through Violence' And Writing Fluff Piece

Very Fake News CNN decided on Saturday to engage in hard-hitting fact-based journalism, revealing little known information about the leftist anti-fascist, or Antifa, movement, that claims to be on the front lines of fighting white supremacy.

Instead, they appear to have let their bias – and their tacit approval of Antifa’s violent tactics – show. Signaling a new MSM tactic to continue to divide America. After all, how is Trump suppose to get his agenda through, build a wall, and make America great again when American’s are too busy fighting each other? It is a basic divide and conquer strategy that America is buying. When you go to work how many Nazis do you see? At the grocery store? Dropping kids off at school do you see Nazis standing and patrolling the streets? NO! Wake up! This is all a tactic, and it appears to be working. Don’t believe me? Go look at comment section throughout social media.

On Saturday morning, CNN published an article about the black-clad proto-Communist rabble rousers, claiming to go “Behind the Mask,” and, bizarrely, claiming that Antifa’s sole mission was to achieve “peace through violence.”

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This is…not exactly Antifa’s mission. It might be more appropriate to say that Antifa seeks the complete breakdown of civilized society in order to provide an opportunity for an extreme form of leftism to take root (or just straight-up Communism, depending on which Antifa organizer you ask). Their mission is to foment the kind of violent revolution they believe will inspire the people to rise up, don the drab green, and began self-organizing into anti-Capitalist communes and, eventually, bread lines.

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Of course, the more pertinent point here is that CNN actually appears to believe the Antifa public relations: that they’re just busting up Starbucks and punching everyone with a possibly Nazi-looking haircut in pursuit of an agenda that is mostly just snuggly bears and group hugs.

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After the Internet noticed CNN‘s little “error” – and after Antifa protesters infiltrated a peace march in Boston and started attacking police officers – under the cover of darkness, CNN changed its headline and added an “editorial note,” though they didn’t apologize for the mis-characterization.

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Okie dokie CNN.

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