Huff Post writer calls Tucker Carlson an anti-semite....bad idea....

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson reacted to Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon’s departure from the White House earlier in the day.

Carlson said while the West Wing may be a “more placid place” now, there were questions about the politics of those by which President Donald Trump is surrounded in Bannon’s absence.

“The White House will be a much more placid place now that he’s gone,” Carlson said. “The question is will it be a better place? Let’s put it this way — Bannon was one of the relatively few senior staff in the White House who wouldn’t feel at home in a Hillary Clinton administration. Indeed, he was one of the rare Republicans there and the only, or one of the very few, populist conservatives. That’s strange since populist conservatism is the platform his boss ran on.”

Carlson told his viewers Bannon was one of those in the Trump administration that remembered why Trump was elected last November.

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“Say what you will about Steve Bannon,” he added. “And you can say a lot, but he never forgot why Trump got elected in the first place and in a democracy that is not a small thing. Bannon kept a white board in his office of campaign promises. It’s probably already been taken down by now.”

Tucker Carlson reacted to White House chief strategist Steve Bannon’s departure.

“Bannon got canned today after losing an internal power struggle that had been raging for months,” Carlson said.

He said Bannon, like Trump, was a “mercurial figure” in a “business that prizes predictability.”

Carlson said that Bannon’s reputation as a “loose cannon” did not earn him any points with the Washington establishment.

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He added that Bannon was one of the few Trump administration staffers that wouldn’t “feel comfortable” in a Hillary Clinton White House.

He remarked that in some aspects, Bannon is more liberal than the liberals who despise him.

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But, he said, ideology often trumps compatibility in Washington.

Carlson said that Bannon is a flawed man, but not in the way the media and establishment painted him- as a white supremacist and bigot.

The White House will be a “much more placid place” without Bannon, he said, “but will it be a better place?”

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