True Identity Revealed! Man Who Led Charlottesville White Supremacist Rally, An Admitted Liberal

Jason Kessler is the man being held responsible for the white supremacist rally “Unite the Right” in Charlottesville, Virginia. But things are not always as they appear.

One can probably start to assume a few things about him just because of that fact alone. Thing is, you’d probably be wrong.

For example, Jason sure does love him some gun control…

Jason Kessler is the man who organized the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

One person is dead and at least twenty were injured when a car smashed into protestors who were on the road.

There were some curious facts surrounding this event, so we decided to do some digging.

 What we found raises serious questions about who Jason Kessler is actually working for…

First of all, the ACLU defended Jason Kessler and forced the city to keep his permit in place. This was after the city raised concerns about the ability of Law Enforcement to keep Antifa, BLM, and the New Black Panthers from clashing with the White Supremacists who were attending with Jason Kessler.

Here are a few things you need to know about Jason Kessler.

First, Jason Kessler supports gun control.

Second, Kessler LOVES Obama and Clinton! Wait What? KKK Loving Obama? Hmmm….


Third, Kessler LOVED the Iran deal struck by Obama!

Fourth, Hates Republicans and compared them to Dahmer.


Finally, he claims he was “Red Pilled” into becoming a Trump Supporter…?

He claims he was “red pilled” by the “media instigating the Baltimore riots.” However, an Advanced search of his Tweets only reveals one Tweet raising questions or assigning blame for the Baltimore Riots. That Tweet was sent a month AFTER this so called “red pill” or change of heart.

So who is this guy really? Well, at least some of rumors on the Internet are True, he was, in fact, a Liberal and he admitted it. His reason for changing his mind doesn’t add up, based on the evidence.

He has Tweeted 4843 times and he never mentioned the Baltimore Riots prior to his change of heart.

One last thing.

We are researching to determine if he used to work for or with CNN. CNN has not responded to our calls or emails. It is possible that another Jason Kessler worked for CNN, however, the Jason Kessler from Charlottesville have a gap in his Linked In profile from 2009 to 2013.

He has a Patreon Account with 3 subscribers, and he used to run a blog called, however, the site is conveniently taken down.

Part 2: The Dark Past of Jason Kessler – Charlottesville Organizer – Professional Provocateur

His love for Obama and Clinton. His support for Gun Control. As well as his strange and illogical change in political position only weeks away from the election that would seat President Trump in the Whitehouse.

We can now shine a light on the darkness that shrouded the past of this alleged “Trump Supporter.” A Trump Supporter he is NOT, a self-promoter he is indeed!

There are plenty of people who supported Obama and changed their views. There are plenty of people who said enough is enough while pulling the lever for President Trump. Reason and logic do not support a change from an enthusiastic Obama supporter to a racist White Supremacist unless there is more…

 …And INDEED there is MORE!

Following several leads and tips, we have discovered a dark and illogical past. The kind of illogical past that suggests a much deeper problem. Jason Kessler, not only supports Gun Control, he also supports Population Control.

Inside Jason Kessler’s dark world we found a long since deleted blog post. He put this out for the world to see on December 6, 2015. He wrote:

“We get so caught up in the emotion of the violence that we don’t consider the long-term, historical consequences. To put it bluntly: the planet is overpopulated already. Maybe we shouldn’t try to cure every disease, we shouldn’t confiscate all the harmful drugs, etc. Perhaps we’d be happier if we made peace with the fact that rabid animals are going to dwindle the herd from time to time (as they have in much greater volume throughout history) & that’s not really a bad thing in the long run.”

The truth is the man admires race baiters and others who incite violence. He tried his hand as an Obama Supporter, and now he is living his dream. He has latched on to White Supremacy, for evidence we need only to look at what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia. BUT There is more…

On December 9, 2015, he wrote:

“I can’t think of any occupation that I admire more than theprofessional provocateur, who has the courage & self-determination to court controversy despite all slings & arrows of the world.”

That’s right! This man is living his dream as a “professional provocateur.” Now he can claim victory as a mastermind behind the worst racial violence to spill blood on our streets in over twenty years.

The more we research the less we believe the false narrative that Jason Kessler was the victim of a hijacked movement. Indeed the facts lead us to a wholly different conclusion. The evidence says this man wanted to stand at the center of controversy. What better way to do it, than to call his rally “Unite The Right.”

He invited the KKK, Neo Nazis, and other White Supremacist groups. This, of course, courted a response from radical extremists from the other side. The New Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa were happy to meet his soldiers and all the sheep on the battlefield.

Sandwiched in the middle, people from the left the middle and the right who had no idea they were just sheep brought to a slaughter.

People from the left who want to see an end to racism, people from the right who want to see an end to the destruction of our past. Those from the middle seeking an end to both!

One beautiful soul rising to heaven as her broken body lay murdered in the street! One mentally unstable patsy who should have stayed home and taken his meds and gotten more sleep!

All brought together by a man who hails the almighty:


If only those people who have allowed themselves to be divided would come together, we could all stand TOGETHER, against the racial violence and destruction from all Extremist and Terrorist groups. Until then Divided we fall.

No matter Left or Right, United we MUST Stand if we are ever to Make America, Great Again. BUT, America is already great they say, if that is so, then why wait until now to force statues to fall?

Jason Kessler, Charlottesville rally organizer, says he’s in hiding

 Jason Kessler, who organized the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va., told Fox News late Thursday he’s in hiding after getting a string of death threats.

Last Saturday, a car rammed into a crowd of counter-protesters in Charlottesville, killing one woman and injuring some 19 other people. The next day, protesters chased Kessler from a press conference he was trying to hold.

The nationalist blogger maintains his group is not a collection of white supremacists, but rather a “civil rights group.” He said he graduated from the University of Virginia, voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and once attended an Occupy Wall Street rally in Charlottesville.

His grievances are rooted in what he calls the identity politics of today. “Some are the discriminatory policies of affirmative action, college admissions, history books being rewritten, blaming American whites for slavery,” when it was a worldwide institution.

“Every culture had slavery,” he said.

He also blamed the “existential crisis of immigration, mass immigration from third world countries.”

Kessler said he “never met” James Alex Fields Jr., the suspected driver in the deadly crash. As for the death of the woman, Heather Heyer, Kessler said: “no comment.”

In preparation for last Saturday’s rally, he met repeatedly with Charlottesville police and was assigned a police liaison. He says she went over the city’s safety plan with him, let him see it, but would not let him photograph it. He said that the captain “let slip” that in preparation for the rally, the city and police “did not use government servers because they did not want to get FOIA’d” — referring to the Freedom of Information Act.

He said he has received no calls, no visits from police or federal investigators since the event. “I’ve done nothing wrong,” Kessler said.

Kessler said the organization’s funding came from “donations to our PayPal account, before it was shut down.” Now, “we fund ourselves, because most of us have or used to have jobs, before this.”

He said that police had given the white nationalists a specific entry way to the park. But that as they arrived at the park at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, the road to that entrance was blocked by police. The caravan of shuttle busses that the nationalists had rented had to detour to the opposite side of the park, where most of the Antifa demonstrators were positioned.

That was the point at which tensions rose meteorically, he said. They had to pass through Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other opponents at close range.

The body armor, clubs and helmets his people wore during the rally were strictly defensive, “for our own safety,” he said.

H/T YoungCons/NationNews/FoxNews

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