CRAZY: New York Subway System WILL Remove Tiles That 'Look Like' Confederate Flag

How absolutely insane have leftists gone over the virtue-signaling debate over whether or not to remove Confederate monuments? The New York subway system — a system plagued with problems of late — will now remove a set of tiles that look like a Confederate flag.

No, they aren’t a Confederate flag.

They apparently look like a Confederate flag.

Legend says that the architects put up those tiles in order to “pay homage to the Southern roots of former New York Times newspaper head Adolph S. Ochs.” The Metropolitan Transit Authority says the tiles are simply supposed to refer to New York as the “Crossroads of the World.”

The MTA explained:

These are not confederate flags, it is a design based on geometric forms that represent the “Crossroads of the World” and to avoid absolutely any confusion we will modify them to make that absolutely crystal clear.

Here’s the question: is any racist really taking solace from subway tiles in New York City? Can we expect a torchlight march through the subway system from Richard Spencer and Chris Cantwell? Will the hordes of rampaging neo-Confederates run rampant through downtown New York thanks to these inciting tiles?

Or is this just another leftist attempt to turn everything political, and then polarize us based on our response? I have no particular love for Confederate monuments — I’m quite happy the Union won, thanks — but I’m also not in favor of ripping down subway tiles that sort of look like something that might offend someone. Not when the subways smell like urine and run late.

But if we say that, then presumably hard core leftists suggest we’re pro-Confederacy, the same way many on the Left suggest that anyone who opposes tearing down Confederate monuments must be a racist. None of the arguments over Confederate memorials and symbolism seem to have any level of intellectual honesty anymore — they’re just being used as clubs to wield against political enemies.

H/T Dailywire

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