Ann Coulter: Bannon Firing ‘Not Good News’ — ‘Media Most Powerful Branch Of Government’ -

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter is not happy about Steve Bannon’s departure from the White House and believes it “makes it appear that Trump is easily manipulable by the media.”

Coulter gave several ‘Exclusive’ interviews throughout the day, here is a round up.

Steve Bannon, a staunch conservative and supporter of President Trump’s agenda, left his post as White House chief strategist Friday after months of media criticism. The former Breitbart executive kept a whiteboard in his wall that kept track of Trump’s campaign promises and was in a constant battle against moderates in the White House like Gary Cohn and Jared Kushner. 

“This makes it appear that Trump is easily manipulable by the media,” Coulter told The Daily Caller Friday over email.  “They just need to give all credit to any White House staffer they want to get rid of. I dread to think of who the media decide to get rid of next.”

President Trump has recently been upset about a book that heavily credits Bannon with Trump’s White House victory. He told a close confidant, “I hate it when people take credit for an election I won.” (Related: Steve Bannon Back to Breitbart – Says He’s ‘Going to War for Trump’ After White House Exit)

Coulter wrote to the The Daily Caller through email correspondence, “Trump is right that Bannon isn’t responsible for Trump’s win.”

“Of course, Trump won the nomination and the presidency of his own will! Bannon supported those issues and supported Trump at least as early as January 2016,” Coulter added. “Who else in the White House did? Most of the White House staff wasn’t on the Trump train until after the election.”

Coulter went on to write:

“Not good news. Instead of firing Bannon, because Trump had his nose out of joint about the media giving Bannon all credit for the victory, Trump should’ve hired ten more like him. Media heads would have exploded.”

In exclusive comments to Mediaite Senior Editor Jon Levine, Coulter expanded on her tweets, stating that Trump needs to:

“get back to the issues” if he really wants to prove he doesn’t need Bannon, such as “no more pointless wars” and building “the #$% wall.” Additionally, she called on the president to not “stock up your entire White House with Goldman Sachs people.” (Of course, it should be noted that Bannon once worked for Goldman Sachs.)

Ann Coulter also stood up for Bannon, highlighting that Trump was correct that Bannon didn’t “win the White House for him,” but that Bannon never claimed that — “the media did,” adding that “[i]t’s always a good idea for a GOP president to show how easily he can be manipulated by the media!”

She further noted Bannon was “100% on the Trump train at least as of January 2016 — and no one else in the White House was.”

Meanwhile, it looks like Bannon is making his way back to Breitbart and it’s been reported that the outlet will be going to war with the Trump administration in the aftermath of Bannon’s ouster. So it will certainly be interesting to see how the nationalist/populist segment of conservatives treat the White House moving forward.

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H/T Coulter, The DailyCaller, Twitter, Mediaite

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