Vermont Man Ruthlessly Stabbed by Alt-Left for Not Condemning Nazis Hard Enough

What a shock. Here we are again. Alt-left violent criminals stabbed a Vermont man for not condemning Nazis hard enough.

Cassandra Fairbanks a Big League Politics reported:

The paper added that “Wormer strongly disagreed with Roy’s views but did not support efforts to get Roy fired or to call the Vermont Department for Children and Families in an attempt to remove his child. Wormer said such efforts would lead to more anger.”

“Taking away somebody’s job and livelihood — I mean, that’s just adding fuel to the fire,” Wormer said. “I don’t think any good is going to come of this on anybody’s side.”

This attempt at showing the humanity in someone without agreeing with their ideas in any way would lead to Wormer’s stabbing.

In another comment about Roy’s attendance in Charlottesville, Wormer had stated: “Seeing him reduced to marching with these assclowns chanting their idiotic rhetoric breaks my heart.”

The backlash was swift. Wormer said that by Monday evening he was already receiving threats for his comments. He added that despite the intimidation attempts, he believes in “critical thinking and proper discourse, not a witch hunt.”

The following day, Wormer wrote a status update saying, “Wow i really cant believe what a neo nazi i am rn. Thanks. All my efforts in life have been sufficiently ruined. Thanks guys at least the moral high ground favors you. I love it.”

Two hours later he would post a photo of his open wound.

“All I did was say the truth as far as I knew it and an attempt upon my life was made. That’s screwed up,”

Wormer posted a photo of his wound after being stabbed by alt-left terrorists.

On Tuesday evening, Wormer says that he arrived at his home to find the masked assailants waiting for him. He explained that the men called him a “Nazi” and a “fascist” during the attack — despite his comments explicitly denouncing Roy’s views. He added that “if that blade went any deeper I’d be a cold corpse in the ground.”

“Dont know who it was, they were masked waiting outside my house,” Wormer wrote on Facebook. He also urged his friends to “find them [please].”

Instead of concern, some of his friends immediately questioned his defense of Roy as a person.

“Dude dont get involve with tha racist shit…wat wrong with u dawg???” a friend asked on the post, rather than immediately checking if he was okay.

Wormer did not go to the hospital for his injuries, telling Big League Politics that he could not afford to pay for medical bills. Instead, he said that the wounds are “home stitched up.” When asked about starting a crowdsource campaign to help with the costs, he stated that “people don’t have the kind of money to throw towards such a silly cause.  I’d rather they put their children through school.”

“I don’t need a doctor to treat me, I need my country to wake the fuck up, if you know what I mean,” Wormer said.

Wormer added that he did not call the police. He is on probation and was afraid it would make matters worse.

Earlier in the day, President Donald Trump was mocked, condemned, and villianized by the mainstream media for daring to note that the alt-left also engages in political violence. CNN and other outlets appeared to paint Antifa as brave individuals who are daring to stand up to mean words — only strongly condemning violence from the right. In a just society, this story alone would have them issuing apologies.

As of early Wednesday morning, Wormer’s attackers remained at large. He told Big League that he was too focused on his wound to attempt to figure out their identities, but believed they were driving a dark colored sedan.

“What happened to me does not need to be written about.  It would simply add fuel to the fire and only serve to drive people further and further apart.  We all, as Americans, regardless of creed or culture, need to come together and combat the real enemy here, and that is the twisted puppet government that seeks to drive a wedge in between us as a people,” Wormer told Big League. “Together we are strong, but divided we will fall, and with us the world we love will come to ruin.”


H/T Gateway Pundit/Big League Politics

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