Sean Hannity: ‘I retracted nothing!’ after Fox News retracts Seth Rich story 2

On Wednesday evening, FOX News host Sean Hannity tweeted yet another cryptic message to his over 2.7 million followers. This is the third cryptic tweet in the recent weeks.

Hannity asked his followers to “Stay tuned. Major, multiple Tick Tocks. 3 different fronts–MAJOR!!Patience, pieces are all falling in place.”

Conservative radio and TV host Sean Hannity reportedly had dinner with president Donald Trump at the White House back on July 26th. Kimberly Guilfoyle, Anthony Scaramucci and former FOX News co-president Bill Shine joined Sean at the president’s dinner.

Sean Hannity Reportedly Gone "Underground" As He Mulls Fox Departure
Longtime Fox News host Sean Hannity is considering leaving the network, according to a report. (Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images)

Last Monday Sean Hannity posted an ominous warning.

Something is going down….

On Thursday Sean said his announcement is coming soon.

Here is a better look.

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