Liberal Media Silent Over Antifa Attack on Female Reporter in Charlottesville (Video)

The Hill reporter Taylor Lorenz was reporting from the site of the accident. In the video, a protester initially comes up to her and asks her, “I’m sorry, please, can you put that away? … I understand, can you please put that away?” From the context, he was apparently speaking in reference to her camera.

According to Fox News, James Alex Fields Jr. allegedly ran his car into a group of counter-protesters. The Department of Justice has opened a civil rights investigation into the case and the suspect is alleged to have had a fascination with Hitler and the Nazis. Investigators are now trying to determine whether he had help in planning the attack. They’re also considering domestic terrorism charges against Fields. (Related: Alt-Left Now Calling For Expanded Tactics, Violence In Response To Charlottesville)

However, one of the most disturbing incidents not related to the sickening attack came right afterwards, when a shirtless man allegedly with the leftist counter-protesters apparently punched a female reporter who had recorded the incident.

Moments later, a leftist thug came up to her and told her “Stop f****** recording!” as he punched her.

On Twitter, Lorenz said she was filing charges against the man who punched her.

In a further tweet, she said she was fine but that she was “really f****** pissed at the guy who punched me mostly because he cut off my stream.” She later tweeted that the alleged attacker already had a warrant out for his arrest.

Yet, the media has mostly been silent on the attack on this reporter. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or a political scientist) scientist to figure out why this is. Or how much differently the attack would have been played if it had been a pro-Trump demonstrator who punched this woman.

Acknowledging the violence from so-called antifas doesn’t mitigate the profound culpability of the white supremacists and neo-Nazis that descended on Charlottesville this weekend, nor does it diminish the tragedy of lost life. (Related:WATCH: Video Shows Violence From Antifa In Charlottesville, MSM Silent)

Rather, it paints a fuller picture of the kind of disgusting, violent intolerance that we’re dealing with in the year 2017 — one that every American, conservative or liberal, needs to acknowledge.

Far be it for the mainstream media to cover every angle of this horrific weekend.

H/T Breitbart

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