LGBT Site Hails 4-Year-Old Prince George As ‘Gay Icon’ And Of Course The Left Eats It Up

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LGBT site PinkNews hailed Prince George as a “gay icon” late last month after the young boy, just one day before his fourth birthday, was photographed on a helicopter with his hands on his face.

To most sane people, the photograph showed a young boy excited about helicopters; to some on the Left, the photo revealed a three-year-old’s sexuality.

Of course, beyond being wildly inappropriate (he just turned four!), this is some heavy stereotyping coming from the crowd that allegedly loathes stereotypes.

“Prince George has become a gay icon overnight,” says the site, later adding: “The monarch-to-be has always been cute and well-dressed, but one day before his fourth birthday, a photo of him excitedly holding his face changed everything.”

That’s right, it “changed everything.”

PinkNews then posted numerous Twitter posts which suggested the young boy is gay:

The site attempted to make their disturbingly inappropriate commentary on a toddler’s sexuality more palatable by likening him to Lady Gaga and Madonna. Labeling Prince George a “gay icon,” said PinkNews, doesn’t necessarily mean the toddler is gay, but an advocate for gays. Or something.

There are of course those who say that any discussion of the prince’s sexuality is premature, but this isn’t about his sexuality.

As Madonna, Lady Gaga, the Babadook and yes, even Ariana Grande have shown, you don’t have to be gay or even have a defined sexuality to be an LGBT icon.


“Kids are born with a sexuality, and should be encouraged to find it without it being assumed that they’re straight,” continues PinkNews.

But apparently we should assume they’re gay.

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