Chelsea Handler Tweets Picture Of Herself With Shirt Apologizing For Trump, Immediately Backfires 3

Chelsea Handler isn’t the smartest person on the left.  That’s not really up for debate at this point.

She is especially lost when it comes to politics.

Handler has made it clear that her uninformed hatred for Trump clouds her mind to the point where she is completely unable to deal with reality.

For example, remember when she mocked Melania Trump for “not being able to speak English”.

Turns out, Melania speaks 5 languages. But, Chelsea can’t be expected to know that because her hatred for Trump is all she’s focused on.

Chelsea made news again this week by letting the world know for the millionth time that she doesn’t understand Trump and the world he represents between Manhattan and Los Angeles.

Check out this super “edgy” shirt she flies with.

Obviously, this is kindergarten level stupidity.

I couldn’t stand Obama. He has to be one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever encountered. The guy was so far in over his head as president it was mind boggling and I would never even imagine wearing a shirt like that. Why? Because he’s the president and traveling around bashing our country while traveling is a low brow thing to do. But, I guess that’s just me.

As you can imagine, Chelsea was obliterated on Twitter by everyone that has even a slight grip on reality and class.

You get the idea.

Chels. You don’t have to like Trump. But, you are acting like a little kid and it’s really unbecoming. Country comes before your personal politics.  Your terrible candidate (who would have been much more embarrassing than Trump) lost the election. Suck it up. Move on.

You aren’t being edgy. You are going for low hanging fruit and doing what every other liberal comedian who doesn’t know anything about politics does. If you want to be edgy, criticize Democrats. Do something out of the box. Why has that idea completely vanished from comedy?

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