NYC Skyline From 1956 Would Put Modern Liberals On Edge 2

Easter 1956, the Christian Faith lights up NYC during dusk on through the night. Today this type of public display of faith is discouraged and often met with threats of all types. In an overly PC culture of “happy holidays” and gender pronouns I’m often asked when we lost our way.

This photo from Holy week in New York City, New York during the remembrance of Jesus’ death and the celebration of his rebirth. This is the same city which is now the hub for liberalism controlled by arguably one of the most controversial mayors to date, Bill De Blasio.

3/29/1956 New York – Huge crosses, formed by lighted windows blaze above New York’s skyline as part of an Easter display in Manhattan’s financial district. This scene photographed from the roof of the Municipal Building features 150-foot-high crosses in the following buildings (L-R) the City Services Co.; City Bank – Farmers Trust Co.; and the Forty Wall Street Corp. (United Press Telephoto)

One things for sure, when this photograph was taken they probably had no idea that a half a century later secularists would have successfully erased any display of Christian faith from the public square on penalty of opprobrium.


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