Conservative Factory Worker To Paul Ryan: “We Have Majority in House and Senate and it Feels Like Nothing Is Getting Done” (VIDEO)

Speaker Paul Ryan spent some time in his home district in Wisconsin this weekend.

 House lawmakers are on a month-long vacation after getting essentially nothing done in the first seven months of the year.

They will go back to work… in September.

People are sick and tired of politicians breaking their promises.  This became very clear when House Speaker Paul Ryan took a tour of a manufacturing plant in Wisconsin, and a man challenged the Congressman.

“For eight horrible years, I heard, ‘We don’t have control of the House; We don’t have control of the Senate; We don’t have the presidency.’ … I tell you what. You’re in there now, and all I see is infighting. It’s very dysfunctional,” said worker Keith Ketzler.

Ketzler, in my opinion, was speaking for all of America.  For seven years, the GOP politicians have talked a big game. They’ve said that once they had power, they would repeal and replace Obamacare.  Heck, I’d be happy with the first half of that.  But when they got the power — as much power as a party could ever dream of having — they completely and utterly caved.  They let their own interests and selfishness trump their desire to serve this country… They didn’t have the moral fortitude to simply keep their promises.

Just like Ketzler, we’re sick of it. Ryan responded by saying:

“Believe me, I understand your frustration, I feel it right now. When the Senate went down, meaning when they didn’t pass that healthcare bill, which we thought they were going to pass it … I talked to Ron Johnson that night, we talked the night before, we thought this was done.

“So when one Senator flipped his vote or voted the way we didn’t think he was going to, that was extremely frustrating.

“So what I am doing about this? And what can I do as Speaker of the House?”

Yes, Congressman, that’s what the nation is waiting with bated breath to know.

“I can make sure that the House delivers. I don’t run the Senate, I run the House.  This is the third time in a hundred years we’ve had this alignment of government, and we’ve got to get it done…  Or else I’m really worried our country will continue down a bad path.”

You think?

That is precisely why the grassroots is frustrated.  They’ve put their time, effort, and money on the line to make sure we put into office politicians who wanted to repeal Obamacare.  Almost all of them said they wanted to do this.  So, we’re not going to accept this finger pointing or this “Hey, I don’t control other people” non-sense.

Republicans, this is your chance to make this happen.  Yes, collectively, because that’s how democracy works.  Get your act together and grow a spine.

We’re watching.

Watch the confrontation in the manufacturing plant below:

It feels like nothing is getting done because nothing is getting done.