VIDEO:  Stephen Miller Slaps Down Jim Acosta

Stephen Miller and CNN’s Jim Acosta battled it out at the White House press briefing on Wednesday. The two pursued a close to seven-minute fight over the President’s new legitimacy based migration framework. Acosta clearly pulled the short end of the stick on this one as per his usual out bursts during the press briefings.

“What the President is proposing here does not sound like it’s in keeping with American tradition when it comes to immigration,” said Acosta. “Aren’t you trying to change what it means to be an immigrant coming into this country… Can’t people learn to speak English when they get here?”

“Jim let’s talk about this,” Miller fired back. “In 1970 when we let in 300,000 people a year, was that violating or not violating the Statue of Liberty ‘Law of the Land?’ In the 1990s, when it was half a million a year was it violating or not violating the Statue of Liberty [poem]?”

“Tell me what years meet Jim Acosta’s definition of the Statue of Liberty poem ‘Law of the Land?’” said Miller.

The Presidential adviser and Acosta then got into a heated exchange, with the CNN correspondent slamming the administration for the new guidelines as well as the border wall.

“Surely Jim, you don’t actually think that a wall affects green card policy? You couldn’t possibly believe that, do you?” asked a shocked Miller. “Does CNN not know the difference between green card policy and illegal immigration?”

Watch the Video of the moment: