Muslim Bike Club Suspected Of Planning Terror Attacks Arrested 1

Most members of the Kamikaze Riders are Muslim extremists of North African origin

Two individuals from a Muslim biker club associated with arranging terrorist assaults in Belgium were captured in july as police struck four homes in Brussels and discovered weapons, prosecutors said.

In a carport in the city’s Anderlecht locale, Anti-Terror police discovered weapons including three Kalashnikovs, ammo, guns and different guns, and four detonators.

They likewise found security-administration and police outfits and a blue police light, recommending that the suspects intended to mimic police to do their assaults, prosecutors said.

Belgian state media revealed that the men captured Tuesday were connected to a cruiser club known as the Kamikaze Riders, established in Anderlecht in 2003. A large portion of the individuals are Muslim fanatics of North African cause and have been connected to jihadi gatherings, the media said.

The biker pack is regularly in a bad position with the police for sorting out perilous bike rivalries on the streets around Brussels. A couple of individuals have been captured for burglary and different violations.

The gang has turned out to be progressively fanatic as of late; various individuals have supposedly gone to battle in Syria and Iraq. Others have been associated with arranging fear monger assaults in Belgium and France.

The assault in Anderlecht took after a long examination by French and Belgian hostile to psychological militant units.

Amid the operation, which was led in collaboration with French police, a fifth individual was kept in a suburb of the northern French city of Lille. The speculate fled a house yet was kept in a neighboring road, dressed just in a T-shirt and shorts.

Here is a quit history:

The International Business Times reports:

Founded by Belgians of Moroccan descent, gang members show off their prowess on their Japanese motorcycles, wearing the leather jackets emblazoned with samurai imagery. However, investigations have exposed links between group members and Belgium’s shadowy jihadist underworld.

In 2013 one of the club’s founders, Abdelouafi Elouassaki, was arrested after providing material support to two of his brothers, who were fighting in Syria for jihadist groups.

All three were found to have ties to now-banned group Sharia4Belgium, which radicalised hundreds of young Belgian and Dutch men to fight for jihadist groups in Syria, including Islamic State (Isis) and the al-Qaeda affiliated Jabhat al Nusra.

Breitbart London reported in October 2014:

There has been a recent rise in the number of motorcycle gangs in Western europe in recent years, mainly driven by an influx of young immigrants seeking identity and fraternity. Many have strong ethnic identities and some have terrorist links.

Strategic crime analyst Alexandra Jones writes about motorcycles gangs and extremism, and notes: “the Kamikaze Riders MC in Belgium are closely associated with jihadists currently active in Syria and Iraq, one of the Dutch travellers MCs has an interesting association with Northern Ireland (Ulster), and with some considerable caution Median Empire MC in Germany might be linked to the Kurdish PKK”.

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