Malia Obama pounding and rolling around on floor to ‘The Killers’ at Lollapalooza blows up social media 3
Image: Screenshot

Malia Obama put on quite a spectacle Friday night at Lollapalooza 2017 in Chicago, and she was only in the audience.

The former first daughter was spotted writhing on the floor in some type of manic dance that had some wondering if she was under the influence of drugs.

Image: Screenshot

In a video, obtained by TMZ, the 19-year-old was so taken by the music of The Killers that she hit the floor, literally.

The eldest Obama daughter played air drums over a female companion who laid beneath her before she helped her up.

In footage shot after that, the video showed Obama falling to the floor and convulsing in some wild dance.

Image: Screenshot

Shocking antics are nothing new for Malia Obama at the annual Lollapalooza event.

In 2016 she was spotted dancing and flashing her butt.

She was also caught smoking something that appeared to be marijuana.

Image: Screenshot

Her dance at this year’s event had some on social media wondering if she was inebriated this time.

Watch the TMZ video below (May not load on Facebook Instant Articles if you are using the FB app, go to actual website to see)

Although seeing the way kids dance today, this might be normal teenage behavior.