Cosmopolitan Releases Super Cringe Video Explaining What It Means To Be “Genderqueer” 1

Cosmopolitan’s latest attempt at virtue signalling is a video about what it means to be genderqueer, because we were all wondering.

Cosmopolitan recently released a video of a ‘gender nonconforming person’ named Jacob Tobia. Jacob uses the pronouns they/them so prepare yourself for some incredible grammatical acrobatics.

Tobia talks about how traumatizing it was when their brother stole their barbie doll and cut off all of its hair and decapitated it. Jacob is a ‘model’ too and unfortunately for the rest of us there are plenty of pictures on their Instagram.

The Cosmopolitan video is so cancerous that it’s recommended pregnant women don’t watch. You would be safer putting on a pair of radioactive asbestos goggles.

Prepare a vomit-bag because you’re about to see something that’s going to scar your retinas:

Jacob’s latest video with Cosmopolitan is about being “genderqueer”

The responses are exactly what you would expect: