The View’ Hosts At It Again, This Time Crying Over ‘Affirmative Action’ Due To ‘Systemic Racism’

How is The View still on the TV? Do enough liberals really tune in on a daily basis?

Anyways, today the hosts are whining about the U.S. needing affirmative action because of ‘slavery’ and ‘systemic racism’ in America.

Oy vey.

Wednesday on The View, the panel opened the conversation with shock and dismay at news that the Justice Department was investigating universities’ affirmative action policies and if they were unfair to white students. The table decried the already “unfair playing field” repeatedly, even bringing up slavery as a reason why we still need affirmative action to this day.

“Is affirmative action racist against white people?” Whoopi introduced the topic.

A visibly frustrated host Sara Haines answered immediately:

“No. There was a systemic racism that remains in this country and if we want to catch up from decades of people starting in a staggered way and not playing on a fair ground you have to do this to allow diversity,” she gushed. She added that she was “disturbed” that the Justice Department was using funds from the civil rights division to undergo the investigation.

“They’re making a statement aren’t they?” host Sunny Hostin shook her head. “They’re making a statement about the values of this administration,” she stated.

“Well it’s like a double slap in the face!” Haines remarked.

I guess the ladies of The View haven’t yet learned that the Dept. of Justice is now actively preparing a campaign against affirmative action in higher education.

Might want to keep up with the news cycle a little more, gals.

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