Video: Minnesota Student Details Death Threats, Harassment On Campus Because She Supports President Trump
State chair of the Minnesota College Republicans filed dozens of police reports after "hundreds" of death threats, harassment.

State chair of the Minnesota College Republicans has filed dozens of police reports after becoming the victim of “hundreds” of death threats, harassment.

In a recent interview with Raging Freedom, the state chair of the Minnesota College Republicans, Madison Faupel, describes how the culture on her campus darkened dramatically last fall, with those, like herself, who supported Donald Trump becoming increasingly targeted. Over the course of the semester, Faupel says she received “hundreds” of death threats for her political beliefs, was repeatedly harassed, including being surrounded by an angry mob of anti-Trump protesters, and ended up having to file “dozens” of police reports.

Faupel recently spoke about her alarming experiences with Raging Freedom, a self-described “moderate right-leaning” news site founded in the spring of 2017 with the “goal of ending political bias on campuses” (raw footage of the interview below). Raging Freedom told The Daily Wire that the inspiration for the creation of the site was the widespread and increasingly aggressive persecution of students, particularly conservatives, for their political views on college campuses — precisely the kinds of outrageous treatment Faupel describes in detail.

As president of her university’s College Republicans chapter and one who represents the state on the national level, Faupel is a high-profile Republican on campus. When the election season really got heated, her status put a target on her back. The situation turned particularly aggressive when the College Republicans put up two posters on a campus bridge designated for student flyers that read “Trump Pence 2016” and “Build the Wall.”

Outraged leftist students immediately vandalized the posters, writing “Stop White Supremacy,” organized protests against the College Republicans, and began personally targeting Faupel.

“People were saying the most horrific things,” Faupel told MPR News in November. “They were sharing pictures of me from high school saying that I’m a racist and that I’m a bigot and that I’m going to hell and that I hate different races.” Faupel expands on those stunningly dishonest smears in the interview below.

Faupel describes receiving threats in all forms —  from social media, in person, via notes — and at times feeling compelled to leave public places out of fear for her safety

Despite receiving “hundreds” of death threats, open harassment at college events, and repeatedly filing police reports, the university essentially stood back and let the appalling treatment of Faupel and other conservative students continue. One of the few steps the university took was to organize an event that was supposed to be an open conversation between the different sides, but leftist students, including Black Lives Matter activists, took over the event.

“At one point, someone calls out asking if anyone from College Republicans is even here so I stood up,” she says in the interview. “They asked if I was Madison Faupel. I answered yes and was immediately booed.” The mob, she says, surrounded, yet no one from the school stepped in to protect her. Eventually, a reporter covering the event finally felt compelled to pull her out of the angry mob.

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