Former DNI James Clapper, Who Literally Spied on Citizens Calls Trump Orwellian (Video) 1
Photo Credit: Milo Y/Screen Grab

During an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN, Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper claimed that there is a “chilling, Orwellian aspect” to the Trump administration.

“Does this White House, are they credible in their public statements?” asked Cooper in the opening part of the segment.

“Well there is certainly a lot of doubt about that and what’s happened most recently, I think, just has the effect of casting more doubt on the credibility of what they say,” Clapper responded.

“To me, the greater issue is the assault on truth in this country which in an extremist situation could be pretty important to us and so I worry about that, and what’s the definition of truth.”

Then, without a hint of irony or self-awareness, Clapper stated, “this has a chilling Orwellian aspect about it, with the minister of information putting out a set of facts which don’t comport with ground truth.”

Clapper says later on in the segment that the big issue is “the optic of a lack of faith, a lack of trust, in what the white house says,” before going on a tangent.

He also goes onto say that it’s “very disturbing when even before an extremist situation, you have doubts about the truthfulness and the credibility of what the leadership of this country is saying,” while sitting in a CNN studio.

Watch the segment below.

People were very aware of the irony in this situation and many users on Twitter called out Clapper.