Al Gore's House Uses 34 Times The Energy That Average American's Houses Do - Plus Here Is A Video Of Him Lying Through His Teeth

Energy ManBearPig Al Gore’s house, err mansion, errr fortress uses as much as 34 times the energy of the average house in the U.S.

As The Daily Caller reports, the National Center for Public Policy Research has published a research paper by Drew Johnson, one of their senior fellows, titled, Al Gore’s Inconvenient Reality: The Former Vice President’s Home Energy Use Surges Up To 34 Times The National Average Despite Costly Green Renovations.

According to the report, 19,241 kilowatt hours per month keeps Al Gore’s house running:

The past year, Gore’s home energy use averaged 19,241 kilowatt hours (kWh) every month, compared to the U.S. household average of 901 kWh per month.

Gore can blow through 21 years of energy in just one year:

Gore guzzles more electricity in one year than the average American family uses in 21 years.

September of 2016 must’ve been a hot one for Al Gore:

In September of 2016, Gore’s home consumed 30,993 kWh in just one month – as much energy as a typical American family burns in 34 months.

Running Gore’s pool is like keeping a small housing development lit:

During the last 12 months, Gore devoured 66,159 kWh of electricity just heating his pool. That is enough energy to power six average U.S. households for a year.

It all comes with one whopper of a bill though:

From August 2016 through July 2017, Gore spent almost $22,000 on electricity bills.

This is all after Gore had spent tens of thousands of dollars on green renovations…

Gore paid an estimated $60,000 to install 33 solar panels. Those solar panels produce an average of 1,092 kWh per month, only 5.7% of Gore’s typical monthly energy consumption.

Watch a video of Gore lying through his teeth, claiming he ‘walks the walk’ and uses 100% renewable energy in his house:

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