Professor of Gender Studies Gets Fired for Encouraging Trump Assassination - Has Complete Meltdown

A man by the name of Kevin Allred has gone full snowflake melt mode on Twitter after being removed from his position as an instructor at Montclair State University in New Jersey over his call for someone to shoot President Donald Trump “outright.”

“Trump is a f*cking joke,” Allred’s now-deleted tweet, posted Friday night, read, according to The College Fix.

“This is all a sham. I wish someone would just shoot him outright.”

At the time, the Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies program at MSU listed Allred as an adjunct instructor.

However, The College Fix reports, his bio was quickly removed when the outlet sought comment from MSU.

While Allred deleted his initial tweet, he continued to defend it, stating in another one just moments later, “saying you wish Donald Trump was dead is different than making a direct threat against him. Just saying.”

Allred continued to play defence.

If moving on is what Allred was hoping for, his wish was granted; last night, he put out a tweet informing his followers that he has been fired.

He’s still playing the victim and – like a true gender studies scholar – refuses to accept any responsibility for his own actions.

Providing further insight into the strange, strange world of victimhood Allred lives in is an article he penned about the supposed discrimination he has faced because of his liberal mindset.

“I had been an adjunct professor at Rutgers in the Women’s and Gender Studies department since Fall 2013,” he writes.

“On November 15, 2016, two NYPD officers showed up at my Brooklyn apartment around 9 p.m. They entered without permission and after numerous refusals on my part and threats of force on theirs, transported me by ambulance to Bellevue Hospital for what they said was a mandatory psychiatric evaluation required by Rutgers University.”

The piece continues, “an anonymous complaint from a parent claimed I forced students to destroy an American flag, threatened every white student in class by saying I would shoot them all given the chance, then returned home and tweeted proof of my dangerous behavior.”

While denying those allegations, Allred admits that he did bring an American flag to class on November 9 for his students to cut up.

He also admits to tweeting, “will the 2nd amendment be as cool when I buy a gyn and start shooting atrandom [sic] white people or no?”

So, basically, all those things he denied doing? He did them.

He further claims that those who reported him knew he was only kidding.

Surprise – he was ultimately fired from Rutgers.

“I’m still struggling to recover from the unexpected and unjustified loss of income.”

It appears he learned nothing from that experience.

Unsurprisingly, his continued insistence of victimhood is attracting much criticism.

The College Fix