VIDEO:  Debbie Wasserman Schultz Absolute Wreck Barely Able to Function Since Awan Arrest

Schultz, who had just finished an address to fellow colleagues in the House of Representatives, was seen fleeing the scene after spotting reporters on the Capitol steps.

Former Democratic National Committee boss Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been eerily quiet since news broke of her shady IT staffer’s arrest while fleeing the country; shunning reporters and avoiding public appearances as the crisis continues to widen.

The Daily Caller’s Kerry Picket writes, “Wasserman Schultz, who walked down the House Capitol steps late Wednesday afternoon following remarks she made on the floor, caught site of The Daily Caller’s reporter and nervously turned around and ran back up the steps with her staffer in tow.”

According to sources, the former DNC chief has directed all questions regarding Imran Awan to be forwarded to her spokesperson, and is growing increasingly nervous over the scandal.

Read the Full story at the Daily Caller.

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