Rosie O’Donnell is apparently off her meds again.

The “tolerant liberal” and self-proclaimed feminist threatened Sarah Huckabee Sanders after the White House press secretary discussed how Hillary Clinton’s camp colluded with Ukraine to rig the 2016 election and smear members of the Trump campaign.

O’Donnell made the stalkersque threat in a barely-coherent tweet, where she warned that she’s “watching” Sanders:

“Hey suckabee – we see thru u – watch maddow tonight – she will tell u what ur next move is – and by the way – history is watching you sarah,” O’Donnell wrote.

O’Donnell’s moonbat minions — who claim to be “tolerant” feminists — then unleashed a barrage of nasty insults at Huckabee Sanders, attacking her looks, her Christian faith, and her intelligence.


Rosie O’Donnell’s ugly threats toward Sarah Huckabee Sanders aren’t surprising, since she has a history of bullying and then playing victim. During the past year, she has repeatedly trashed and threatened President Trump, First Lady Melania, Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka Trump.

But didn’t Rosie and a host of Hollywood hypocrites promise to move to Canada if Trump got elected? What are they waiting for?

celebrities who vowed to move to can

(Image: BPR screengrab)

O’Donnell sank to a new low in November 2016, when she mocked 11-year-old Barron Trump by suggesting he was autistic.

O’Donnell was widely slammed, especially by moms of autistic children, who said there’s no shame in having an autistic child. That said, Barron does not have autism.

Meanwhile, many fired back at Rosie’s bullying of Sarah Huckabee, calling her immature and unstable.

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