John Podesta goes after 'whack job' President Trump after being targeted in tweet 1

John Podesta went on a Twitter tirade against President Trump on Friday after the president targeted the former Clinton campaign chairman in a tweet during the Group of 20 summit in Germany.

John Podesta called President Trump a “whack job” in a series of tweets, saying he was on a road trip with his wife when he saw President Trump’s early morning Twitter post mentioning him.

Trump claimed earlier Friday in a tweet that Podesta and Democratic National Committee (DNC) email leaks were the talk of the G-20 meeting in Hamburg, Germany.

“Everyone here is talking about why John Podesta refused to give the DNC server to the FBI and the CIA. Disgraceful!” Trump tweeted.

Podesta noted Friday that he had “nothing to do with the DNC.” The group faced a breach last summer that led to a massive release of emails from Democratic Party officials. Emails from the then-Clinton campaign chairman were released separately, months later.

Podesta on Friday accused Trump of refusing to accept the U.S. intelligence community’s assessment that the Russian government sought to influence the 2016 election in his favor by launching a hacking campaign aimed at damaging Clinton’s White House bid.

“Get a grip man, the Russians committed a crime when they stole my emails to help get you elected President,” Podesta wrote, calling on Trump to mention the issue during his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday morning.

John Podesta finished off his broadside against Trump by urging him to focus on the G-20 summit, rather than commenting on the ongoing controversies surrounding his administration back in Washington.

President Trump has become increasingly critical of former President Obama and other Democrats in recent weeks, arguing that party leaders and government officials failed to address Russian interference in the election after being made aware of the efforts last August.

A special counsel and several congressional committees are currently investigating the Kremlin’s role in the election, as well as possible collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russian officials.

President Trump has denied allegations of collusion and has cast the investigations as a “cloud” hanging over his administration.