MORE FAKE NEWS CNN: Poland's First Lady Didn't Stiff President Trump's Attempted Handshake 1
MORE FAKE CNN NEWS: No, Poland's First Lady Didn't Stiff Trump's Attempted Handshake

Chris Cillizza of CNN is having a rotten day – and CNN is having a rotten month as the fake news continues.

First, Cillizza questioned why President Donald Trump wouldn’t acknowledge that “Russia hacked the election.” Perhaps Trump didn’t do so because Russia didn’t hack the election.

Now, Cillizza has forwarded the false narrative that the wife of the president of Poland stiffed President Donald Trump when he went in for a handshake:

This would have indeed been very shocking news, after all the is the First Lady of Poland. The original underlying tweet has 14,000 likes.

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Except it wasn’t even remotely true. Come on CNN…..


The full video shows Poland’s first lady going in for a handshake with First Lady Melania Trump before turning to President Trump and granting a handshake.

But every day is a great day to laugh at fake humiliations of President Trump over at CNN.

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