Between Inauguration and July President Donald Trump Saves the USA $1 Trillion When Compared to Obama 1

President Donald Trump has saved YOU the taxpaying American a staggering $1 Trillion since his inauguration through July 1st when compared to former President Barack Obama during the same respective period!

According to the US Treasury, as of today President Donald Trump decreased the US Debt since his inauguration by (-$103) Billion.

Former President Obama on the other hand increased the US debt in the same relative time period in 2009 by $918 Billion.

Some incredible news have just arrived, revealing that the national debt has been decreased by approximately $103 billion since President Trump took office, and when compared to the results of the national debt last year with Barack Obama as a head, it has decreased by $1 billion overall.

Reports reveal that while President Trump decreased the US debt by $103 billion, while Obama in his first year as president increased the debt by $918 billion.

While Obama didn’t care for the millions of lives struggling, President Trump actually cares for his people, and using his professional business and economic skills, he has once again accomplished what many would assume ‘impossible.’

The debt has stayed in a high spot under President Obama, reaching levels that were near the US debt limit, as many suspected that the former administration had been ‘cooking the books’ just to keep the government running, rather than reporting the sky-rocketing debt numbers.

But the interesting and suspicious thing is that the ‘deep state’ as well as the liberal media doesn’t not want the people to know about this huge success, as it might actually turn more people into Trump supporters and open the eyes of millions about how President Trump is truly putting all of his time and effort into making a better nation for everyone.

Let’s spread the word so every Republican can hear about this and show their support to President Donald Trump!

These numbers are staggering but the amount of debt reduction by President Trump may be more than is currently being reported because there is something wrong with the way the US Government is reporting the amount of US Debt.


What is in question is the amount of debt reported since March 15th.  The amount of US debt under President Trump decreased by as much as $101 billion between January 20th (the date of President Trump’s inauguration) and March 15th. However, since March 15th through today the amount of US debt that is being reported by the US Treasury has not materially changed. During this entire period since March 15th the debt stayed the same (within $1 billion) until June 30th when it moved $2 billion lower.

Under President Obama, the amount of US debt stayed the same for long periods at a time when the debt reached levels that were near the US debt limit. The Obama Administration was suspected of ‘cooking the books’ to keep the government running rather than reporting the true amount of the US debt which would have resulted in a constitutional crisis and possible government shutdown. But under Obama the amount of US debt was always going up.

Under President Trump the amount of US debt decreased by $100 billion during his first 2 months in office. This trend stopped on March 15th and the debt amount reported is materially the same amount reported daily since that day.

It appears that ‘deep state’ doesn’t want to report the true amount of debt reduction under President Trump. The current administration’s policies including a government hiring freeze; regulation reductions; immigration reductions; etc all lead to less expenses for the government and thus tax payer savings and debt reductions.

It’s highly likely that the amount of debt reduction that has incurred since President Donald Trump took over the Oval Office is even greater.