President Donald Trump Claims Victory over ‘Garbage Journalism’ at CNN 2

President Donald Trump called CNN “garbage journalism” and “fake news” on Twitter Saturday, celebrating after the network suffered though a difficult week.

“I am extremely pleased to see that CNN has finally been exposed as Fake News and garbage journalism,” Trump wrote on Twitter on Saturday. “It’s about time!”

CNN fired three journalists after they published, retracted, and apologized for a Russia story after Breitbart News challenged the network’s faulty reporting.


James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas network released a series of embarrassing videos of network employees, calling into question their journalistic integrity.

Trump also disparaged CNN during a fundraiser for the Republican National Committee at his hotel in Washington, DC.

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“These are really dishonest people. Should I sue them?” Trump said. “I mean, they’re phonies. Jeff Zucker, I hear he’s going to resign at some point pretty soon. I mean, these are horrible human beings.”