According to Huffington Post writer Donovan Trott, gay white men are not allowed to have racial dating preferences.

Donovan, whose HuffPost bio identifies him as “a writer, performer and DC native,” writes in his open letter to gay white men, “as a white man in… the world, you must admit, you have no clue what it means to be racially discriminated against.”

“As a result, there are often times when you don’t recognize when your behavior towards people of color veers into problematic territory. As a black man within the gay community, I recognize that shit all the time and have a few points I’d like to discuss with you.”

Donovan goes on to write, “let’s start with the epicenter of your problematic behaviors towards my kind: your dating app profile.”

“can’t help but notice that a lot of you get lost, like… really lost, when it comes to stating your preferences properly. To be clear, you’re allowed to describe the kind of guy you’re looking for and the things that turn you on but specifying the race of your desired partner is a line that is not to be crossed. It comes off as racist and that’s because it is.”

“Yes, people like what they like but sometimes the things people like are racist, like lawn jockeys or the current president of the United States,” he continues.

“You can’t say you prefer one race of people as romantic partners, or anything really, to another because all of the people who belong to one race are not the same. No matter how you slice it, it’s racist.”

Donovan goes on to declare that gay black and asian men get a pass from his rule because “our desire to date within our own race, when we choose to, is not rooted in any assertion made by society that we’re better than anyone else.”

“I know this is a lot to digest so I’ll just boil it down to this,” he continues, “if your preference for a partner supports an existing racial hierarchy which marginalizes minorities, then your preferences are racist. And yes, that includes you rice queens and chocolate chasers too. Fetishizing me is not a compliment, it’s propping up harmful sexual stereotypes and, it too, is racist.”

Donovan concludes his piece by suggesting that any gay white man who does have racial dating preferences engage in psychological re-training.

“As gay men of color we get more than enough discrimination from the rest of the world. We don’t need the friendly fire from you.”

By the looks of it, Donovan’s article has left many people confused.


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