Democrat Party’s Divide Means Catastrophic Losses, Good News For GOP 1

So, Michael Moore is back at it again, not that he really ever went away…..

The guy most famous for a series of popular documentaries chock full of falsehoods has an unquestioned tie with the Bernie Sanders populist wing of the Democratic Party. And he’s leading a war against the Democratic establishment.

Not this kind of war:

After Jon Ossoff’s stunning defeat against Karen Handel in the Georgia 6th Congressional District — a race in which Ossoff dropped some $30 million — Moore had a few things to say on Twitter. Here’s what he said:

Moore believes that more catastrophic thinking and apocalyptic rhetoric will win the day for Democrats. And he’s not wrong that jazzing up the base is necessary. But he is wrong if he believes that calling the governor of Michigan a “terrorist” is going to work while ignoring the Democratic governance of Flint. He’s wrong if he thinks that ripping “capitalism” for “evicting” jobs will win the state back to blue, while Democratic policies destroy Detroit.

Moore’s rant is indicative of the growing three-way split inside the party: between the openly socialist wing of the party; the Democrats who believe that a bit of diversity inside the tent might open the doors to a new class of voters (the now-dying blue dog group); and the Democrats who think that intersectionality will win the day (the Obama coalition).

Those who advocate diversity may in fact lose the passion of the #Resistance, without which Democrats cannot drive voters out in the midterms. Those who advocate intersectionality will duplicate the failures of 2016, when Hillary couldn’t push enough minority voters to the polls and alienated groups of Americans sick of being called racist and sexist. Which means that the Sanders wing of the party is sitting pretty: they can always blame the Hillary wing for insufficient ideological purity any time Democrats lose, and make common cause with the intersectionality crowd in doing so. That means the party will move further toward the politics of Nancy Pelosi. And that means abandoning the center they lost in 2016.

The divides in the Democratic Party are growing, not shrinking. And even the specter of Donald Trump doesn’t seem like it’s enough to unite them.


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