Anti-Trumpers exposed as not knowing what they stand for or against

YouTuber Austen Fletcher took to the mean streets of Los Angeles during an anti-Trump protest to find out how much attendees really knew about the President.

Spoiler Alert: Not much.

According to Fletcher’s video’s description, the footage was shot during the #MarchForTruth that took place earlier this month.

The event’s page description reveals a list of demands put forth by the demonstrators, including the abolishing of the electoral college and banning of voter ID laws.

If that’s not enough proof of how deranged and separated from reality those associated with the #MarchForTruth event are, Fletcher’s YouTube video certainly puts things into perspective.

“Kathy griffin actually spoke for all of us,” said one protester, who was holding a poster that read “WE ARE ALL KATHY GRIFFIN” and showed the disgraced comedian with planet earth for a head holding Trump’s severed skull.

“Trump is working for Putin,” declared another woman. “That’s all going to come out. What did I see concretely? You know, I can’t point to any one thing.”

“It’s an extremely difficult thing when we’re talking about ousting a regime,” another protester ranted, holding at least three signs.

“This is something that has never happened in the United States. We’re calling to oust the entire regime. Not just impeach. Cause if we impeach Trump what do we get? We get fascist, motherf*cking Mike Pence.”

“He’s calling for attacks against women, he’s calling for attacks against gays and homosexuals – the whole regime has gotta go,” the man continued ranting.

When pressed for an example of a time Trump called for attacking gays, the man took a long pause before admitting, “I don’t have a specific, like, thing, that’s like, that’s, uh.”

See the full hilarious video below.

As Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson puts it, “the video underscores once again how leftists are fuelled by hysteria and Trump Derangement Syndrome and don’t even know what they’re protesting against when challenged.”

This is not the first time anti-Trumpers have been outed as complete nincompoops.

In a video created by Campus Reform earlier this year, liberal students bash President Trump’s failures, only to discover the items being mentioned were actually former President Obama’s gaffes.

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