Obscene BMW driver threatens bus driver while kids on the bus 1

Dash cam footage starts by showing the yellow bus moving down a narrow two-way street with cars parked on either side.

A black BMW is then seen approaching ahead with its headlights repeatedly flashing, signalling for the bus to move out of the way.

The one-minute-and-18-second clip then shows a man wearing a baseball cap and turquoise polo shirt lean out of the driver’s window and heckle the bus driver.

The bus driver is then heard telling children: “This guy’s a clown.”

The BMW reverses to let the bus through only for the irate driver to get out of his car before launching an astonishing tirade, saying: “I’m going to find you and I’m going to find your family.

“F*** me n*****. You love those kids. I don’t give a f***. You don’t know how to drive.”

The bus driver slowly keeps on driving before shouting back: “You ain’t nobody pal. You’re a tough guy, you’ve got all that mouth. I’ll put you on social media.”

source: Mirror

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