CNN host gets embarrassed because the panel they put together of GOP supporters backfires

Despite constant leading from the host of the panel, an Ohio voter panel created by CNN found that support for Trump is strong and solid and showed disappointment in James Comey after his latest hearing…

CNN, previously known as the Clinton News Network, has apparently turned into the Crying News Network ever since Trump’s election.

Recently, CNN panelists went berserk when a guest simply tried to acknowledge voter fraud.

They seem to want to decide for the American public what is and what isn’t news. Just like when a CNN panel recently decided we’ve got bigger things to worry about than Kathy Griffin’s threat against the president.

Even the guests on CNN expect to have their views spouted back at them in a sort of maniacal circle-jerk of liberalism. When CNN dared have a member on a panel who disagreed with Bill Nye he couldn’t help but whine about it.

Now, in Ohio, CNN tried to convince a voter panel that Trump was lying but they saw right through it. The panel showed strong and solid support for President Trump and consistent disappointment with James Comey following his congressional hearing.

Watch the video from the GOP War Room:

GOP War Room

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