Ontario, Canada Passes Law: Gov’t Can Seize Children From Parents Who Oppose Gender Transition

The Canadian province of Ontario has just passed a horrifying new law, which allows the government to forcibly remove a child from their parent’s care if the parents refuse to capitulate to gender-fluid hysteria. In other words, if parents do not accept their child’s “gender identity” (aka saying he is a girl, or she is a boy), then they forfeit their parental rights.

The bill holds the benign name of the Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act of 2017, Bill 89. In the legislature, the bill passed by a 63-23 vote, the Christian Post reports.

The bill expands “protections” for children to prevent discrimination based on a variety of factors. The ever-evolving gender-confusion hysteria is now included on that list.

It requires child protection, foster, adoption service providers, and judges to take into account and respect a child’s “race, ancestry, place of origin, color, ethnic origin, citizenship, family diversity, disability, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.”

“I would consider that a form of abuse, when a child identifies one way and a caregiver is saying no, you need to do this differently,” Minister of Child and Family Services Michael Coteau, who introduced the bill, was quoted as saying. “If it’s abuse, and if it’s within the definition, a child can be removed from that environment and placed into protection where the abuse stops.”

That’s right, a top government official believes that parents who refuse to bow down on the altar of this mental illness are abusing their children (when in fact, the opposite is true).

The bill also fundamentally flips the nature of the parent-child relationship. The previous law, Bill 28, still allowed parents to bring up their children according to the parents’ convictions. However, Bill 89 completely flips that:

Bill 28 stated that the parent of a child in care retains the right “to direct the child’s education and religious upbringing.” However, the new law amends it thus: “to direct the child or young person’s education and upbringing, in accordance with the child’s or young person’s creed, community identity and cultural identity.”

In a proper civil society, the parents guide the growth and care of the child, and sometimes the parents must override the desires of the child for their own good. A child may want to touch the stove to see what it’s like, but any rational parent will forbid their child from doing so because they will get burned.

But apparently, when it comes to one’s own state of mind regarding their unchangeable chromosomes and sexuality, the child is the one who directs the parents, and all with the sanction of the State!

Keep in mind, as we reported last year, the American College of Pediatricians published a sharp statement titled “Gender Ideology Harms Children.”

The College further pushed against the growing transgender trend by noting that human sexuality is a scientifically physical trait. “Human sexuality is an objective biological binary trait: ‘XY’ and ‘XX’ are genetic markers of health — not genetic markers of a disorder,” it reads.

The professional organization goes on to note there are actual, physical disorders that can lead to gender issues, but also says such conditions are “exceedingly rare.”

“The exceedingly rare disorders of sex development (DSDs), including but not limited to,” the statement says, “testicular feminization and congenital adrenal hyperplasia, are all medically identifiable deviations from the sexual binary norm, and are rightly recognized as disorders of human design. Individuals with DSDs do not constitute a third sex.”

But apparently, Leftists, the side that claims to have science on their side, ignores this completely, and advocates real child abuse. Not only that, but they want the State to punish people who refuse to sacrifice their children for the idol of delusion as public policy.

Think it won’t be abused? Well how the story of parents having their foster kids taken from them for refusing to lie about the existence of the Easter Bunny. As the Christian Post explained:

In April, a Christian couple filed a lawsuit against Hamilton Children’s Aid Society for removing two foster children from their home because they refused to lie to the girls by saying that the Easter bunny is real.

“We have a no-lying policy,” Derek Baars, one of the foster parents, said at the time, pointing out that a child support worker insisted that he and his wife, Frances Baars, tell the two girls in their care, aged 3 and 4, the Easter bunny is real. “We explained to the agency that we are not prepared to tell the children a lie. If the children asked, we would not lie to them, but we wouldn’t bring it up ourselves.”

The eligibility of the Baars, members of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, was canceled and the children were taken away. The CAS worker, who insisted that the Baars teach the kids that the Easter bunny is genuine, told them that the Easter bunny was an important part of Canadian culture.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the inevitable result of unhinged Leftists pulling levers in the upper echelons of power.

The Christian Post, and Canadian Government (Linked Above) contributed to this report.

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